Skin Detox

Skin Detox

Detoxing your skin with the full body detox is beneficial because it will aid and assist with cleansing toxins, heavy metals, eczema, dry skin, help tone skin and scars and help cleanse lymph nodes. May help with soothing aches and pains. 

Great for ingrown hairs, strawberry legs and boils.

Bentonite clay, distilled water, lavender, Neem oil, lavender leaves, rose clay and other essential Earth based ingredients. 

Under arms: apply to armpits with fingers and massage. Let it sit for 10 mins a  wash off. 

Applying to ankles, knees elbows or anywhere with pains or that you think needs detoxing just make sure the skin is clean and the skin is not broken. 

Facial use: use the soft amazing brush that comes with the detox to spread evenly over face. Leave on face for 5 mins and gently wash your face. Follow up with the Lotus Deep Cleansing Bar and Lotus Body Oil.

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