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Nefer Amore Holistic Body Care

Holistic Earth Based Handmade Soaps and Body Care Essentials

At Nefer Amore, we take pride in every handmade soap bar and holistic body care essential product that we produce. 

Our products contain essential oils that will soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin. 

The quality of our all natural soaps, body care essentials and our care for those who use our products is what keeps us striving for to meet your skin care needs. 

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EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! There's no other soap for me!

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-Jessica B

I can feel the LOVE when using Nefer Amore products. My Skin feel Blissful, Softer, Smoother. I Live by the Products. I've tried mostly all of the products. I haven't bought store bought Soap, Bath Soaks, Foot Soaks, Body Oils, Satin Moisturizers and Body Atomizers. I feel a deeper connection to Earth, the Universe better yet Myself, it's Spiritual. I suggest You try at least one of Nefer Amore products. You feel will feel the Love in each and every product. I promise You will not regret it. I've become so spoiled that My goal is to Never run out of product and to tell everyone else about Nefer Amore. Thank You Nefer Amore!!! You've changed My Life
Sabrina Scroggins

I was introduced to Nefer Amore’s products at an event when I first moved to Kansas beginning of 2019. I instantly fell in love with Shala’s Black Charcoal Soap and Sista’s Keeper. Since then her products are the only thing I use! From the Bath Soaks, Face and Body Oil, Bar soaps and more! Her customer service is PHENOMENAL, and her spirit is divine. My face has cleared up tremendously and my skin is amazing! Nefer Amore is GREATER than Bath and Body Works and any others major company. She is the truth and you should definitely place your order if you haven’t!

Would recommend: Yes


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